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Our Mine-to-Market concept is the first of its kind to bring sapphire of unparalleled quality from Sri Lankan mines directly to our customers. This eliminates any middle distribution and bring the best value for the supreme quality stones. Our corporate social responsibility towards preservation of nature including the protection of over river-beds, soil, fauna and flora is upheld across our mining network in Sri Lanka along with the ethical treatment of miners and the communities surrounding.

Ceylon Sapphires​

Sri Lanka remains one of the prominent players in the international gemstone trade. Gem mining and market is part of the tradition, which is deeply rooted in the Sri Lankan culture.

Sri Lanka is historically known for its blue sapphires and Padmaranga (named after the island’s lotus flower). The mining industry in Sri Lanka goes beyond more than centuries and currently there is over a million families depending on the industry. At present, our operations expand across Ratnapura, Ela Hara and Rakwana, which are the epicenters of the gem mining industry in Sri Lanka.

We supply an excellent collection of the finest sapphire, ruby, cat’s-eye and other chrysoberyl, tourmaline, topaz, quartz, and many other gemstones.


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